Month: May 2015


While there are still problems with our technology, Piper Dog is committed to providing top-quality, Internet-level content (that sells) on a weekly basis.

Anyway… I know the big question most of you have had is “What did some parts of Ireland (and Northern Ireland) look like back in the oft-forgotten year of 2009?”

Boy (or Girl), do I have an answer for you!







A most unfortunate event has occured with Brady’s camera, and he is not able to snap any shots of Piper’s completely normal everyday life at the moment.

During this pause, I hope you’ll understand with the help of some various other things, like this Poseidon doodle from high school.


Or a head turning, fuel efficient Ford Fusion.

(Ed. Note: Must win Family Feud at least 5 times before that can happen.)

Piper on Wax


Piper visits a wax museum to find that rapper Juicy J* is made out of Starburst for whatever reason juicy has to do with those fruit-based candies and is posed with some strange hippie-looking folk that no one’s probably ever heard of.



*NSFIE  = Not Safe for Innocent Ears



Here at Piper’s Car(s to the)Max, this is our most popular and fuel-efficient option. With just under 100 gallons per mile, you will more than double the cost just by driving off the lot.