Month: December 2016

Pipermas (or) Santa Paws: X-mas Marks the Spot


Marking the spot is hardly worth it anymore as the whole world’s towns go from having Christmas trees to Holiday tall plants to “Get Lit Sticks.”

Pi’ Peramba


Piper wishes she had a napkin as well as had brushed up on her Spanish before eating at what roughly translates to “Oh, geez, these sandwiches are really crumbly.”


Aurora Borealis in Manitoba

“More like the Aurora BOREalis,” Piper sighed, “Am I right? What are we supposed to do, just sit here and watch?! I never do that.”


Even Brady had to get in on the action (because he thinks Piper gets too much face time) to battle boredom against the Northern Lights.

Put that in Your Pipe(r)


And smoke* it! After a sabbatical that turned into a retirement, Piper decided to embrace her roots and get back to doing what she does and also what she does best.