Month: January 2017

Laying some Pipe(r)


Once Jack determined that the “Glory Hole” wasn’t going to have enough gold to sustain the dig, Piper stepped in with a new business proposition: laying some pipe to help bring Alaska into the 20th century.


There’s been a dognapping


Because she’s so dog-tired. Or doggone tired. But it’s okay because that just means the world hasn’t ended in the past ____ days.

Grand Ol’ Piper


“Winter is leaving” as the ray of sunshine* of Dogald Trump and Mike Benche melts the Obamanable Snowman back into the snowy background that is Chicago (or Hawaii? DC? Kenya? Canada? ???).

Now, before (e)we go getting too political, how about a little humor:


*actually the reflection of a ray of sun off Dogald’s glorious golden locks



Bros (and Brahs), I don’t get why everyone is so peeved about this pipeline. No one’s ever gotten so pitted this far inland before.

Piperty-Five to Piperty-One

CFP National Championship

Pike-per Williams and Bench Boulware get Pyped(TM) Up!(TM) and paint the town (of America) orange after doing their homework to bring the NCAA FBS CFP National Championship trophy (presented by [redacted until you pay me]) back* to Clemson after 35 years.



Regis exclaims “Eureka! That’s the missing ingredient!” after Piper uses her phone a friend on a very Hungary friend to tell her she needs to run to the pantry and add paprika if she wants to win Who Wants to be a MillionaireChef?