Month: February 2017

Pieper in the Sky


The Apple Pieper doesn’t fall far from the tree – even at 12,000 feet.




Unfortunately, there is no joke here, just a radical wallpaper that you can use on all of your Windows XP machines. #ChristmasCameEarly

PipEarthquake: A Shake Shack origin story


Well, I’ve got this land on a fault line in Madison Square Park, a few burgers, and all of this barnwood. What can I do…


Piper went on to start Shake Shack (originally as a hot dog vendor because, of course) that summer before forgetting about all of her friends that she grew up with and went on that crazy adventure with all those years ago and is now being summed up at the end of this post like all of you readers are going to get what’s going on.