Month: May 2017

Bark of the Covenant


Indiana Bones says, “Wouldn’t this be easier if we had somewhere to set this down?”


DMViper DMViper says when you’re on the highway, don’t be a left lane cruiser, listen to Left Lane Cruiser instead!

I’m not leaving all these signs around the road just for decoration!


EDIT: And another thing! – If you don’t have the room to get across an intersection, maybe just wait until you can make it.



Piper asks, because it’s Quince de Mayo, why we can’t celebrate all the days of May with tacos and margaritas?


Piperro Worldwide

In light of this moment of international diplomacy, let us all join paws, and, I dunno, do something pawsitive.

The Piperture is Rising


All the way up to the-wait-this- this is just like that time it snowed on Mother’s Day

Dog trainer


Trainer: “Piper, you’re doing some great training in you-are those the new Crike Trainers sold exclusively at Barkers of Northallerton for the low price of just a few pounds (or is that stones?) and a handful of farthings?”

Piper: “Yes.”

V/O: “Pop on in to Barkers of Northallertonand you too can train to be as excellent as the biggest star on the planet, Piper.”