Month: September 2017


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When you need to capture those life moments. When people won’t believe your adventure stories. When you want to be a part of the 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube everyday.




Just in time for two (or more*) days after the Emmys, Piper is offering a special “Red Carpet – Paparazzi Special” to anybody with enough cash** and enough gusto to think they can make it in Hollywood.

Pull up in style in this fancy Rolls Royce limousine. Meet Hollywood legends like James Bond. This package has it all.

Just come on down to Piper’s-Razzi located just off the interstate in beautiful Hollywood, Florida and tell ’em Piper sent ya.

Curlew SandPiper Air


The SandPiper Air crew gets nervous when the new sheriff, Curlew SandPiper Air, flies into town with papers regarding trademarks and animal rights and even copyrights.*