Month: March 2018


The Avengers - 2012

Nick Furiosa stands before her gathered team.

Nick Furiosa: “Team. I have mother%$*&in’ gathered you here today because you are the mother%$*&in’ best.”

Deadpiper: “Oooooo. She said a naughty word, eh.”

Nick Furiosa: “And we have this war coming up where I will need the mother%$*&in’ best.”

Spiperman: “Radical, dudes. I’m just so happy to be a part and to learn from some real heroes.”

Piper Potts: “But I’m not a superhero.”

Nick Furiosa: “But you are…super.”

Deadpiper: “Super#@!**%.”

Piper Quill to Piper Potts: “You like Huey Lewis and the News?”

Nick Furiosa: “Anyway, something something water. Let’s go team.”



St. Piperk’s Day


“Woah, Piperk, wake up, man. The holiday is over – you gotta get up and go to work!” said Leprechaun #1.

Leprechaun #2 followed up, “Yeah, and we’ll make sure these don’t go to waste.”

Leprechaun #1 chuckles, “Heh-heh, waste.”

Must be bad Pipe(r)s, We Sprang a Leak!


“Great Scott, Pipe-y, look at that date. We appear to have sprung too far forward!” exclaimed Bloc Brown. “And where did this robot come from?”

Candy Piper


“Excuse me, sir, but this was not the job I was trained at a respectable institution for.”



“Look, lady, I just install the pipes. That’s what my ‘P’ stands for: Piper. You’re going to need to call a plumber. Actually, I think there are some brothers running a racket you can try.”