The Avengers - 2012

Nick Furiosa stands before her gathered team.

Nick Furiosa: “Team. I have mother%$*&in’ gathered you here today because you are the mother%$*&in’ best.”

Deadpiper: “Oooooo. She said a naughty word, eh.”

Nick Furiosa: “And we have this war coming up where I will need the mother%$*&in’ best.”

Spiperman: “Radical, dudes. I’m just so happy to be a part and to learn from some real heroes.”

Piper Potts: “But I’m not a superhero.”

Nick Furiosa: “But you are…super.”

Deadpiper: “Super#@!**%.”

Piper Quill to Piper Potts: “You like Huey Lewis and the News?”

Nick Furiosa: “Anyway, something something water. Let’s go team.”



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