Month: June 2018

Pipress Junket

Los Angeles Global Premiere For Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man And The Wasp"

Michelle Piper goes full Danielle Day Lewis for her latest role – taking it so far as to get permanent work done for what is essentially an extended cameo. When pressed for comment, she initially told us to ‘buzz off’, but since this is a pipromotional event, she came back and said, “Nothing in Hollywood is permanent. And no one.”


Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today would have been a Piperfect day to post, but I’ve been caught being lazy again – but not so lazy that I actually posted this earlier, and upon closer inspection, alas, it had not posted.

So, now I’m posting it again – and vis-a-vis, etc., yadda, all in all, and so forth, not that lazy!