Month: April 2019



Just hangin’ with some peeps in this post-Easter aisle.


Pipyramid Scheme


“Look, it’s really simple. That’s ‘You’ at the top labeled ‘You’ and below that, if you (again ‘You’) just get 10 of your friends to distribute 10 bricks for you, you know, really move that weight, then you’ll be golden. And if they get 10 of their friends, etc. Then, once you’re at the top, you can just sit back and watch the pyramid pile up.”

“Why have you come to Egypt with this? You know we are cat people.”

“Yeah! Were the Mayans busy or something?”

“And anyway, your garb certainly feels like cultural apawpriation.”


One Eyed One Horned Flying Piper People Eater


“Hello, brother. The council made me aware that you might be housing some human-children, the snack size of the species if you will. But darn it, harboring them for yourself is not part of our prime directive. Dinner’s not for a couple of hours, my in-laws are in town, and they’re getting hungry for some appetizers!”