About Piper Dog

Hi, I’m Piper. Much like reading books, I can be transported to new worlds just by sitting on a bench (also with the power of Photoshop). Join me on plenty of adventures, and you can have fun too!

The author of Piper is Life. Anything that Piper does has happened, is happening, or will eventually happen, so look out for Life!



  1. What a great idea! I love what you are doing with Piper and your images-I look forward to seeing more-
    Thanks too for visiting Little Dogs Laughed- I appreciate you taking the time to look around-paws up to Piper from Jack Henry, Hubble and Miss Anna-

  2. Piper, you have the distinct honor of being the first dog to visit my blog! Thanks for liking my middle aged man cartoon! Hope you visit again soon-I have lots of doggie treats!

  3. Piper Dog is cool! We all need to be on the look out for life, like a dog, sometimes it can just sneak up on you and bite you on the shins .

  4. I love anything that reveals the innermost workings of a dog’s mind. This is especially good and funny. Well done.
    BTW: thanks for visiting AHintOfLight.com

  5. What happens when you combine a great sense of humour, some serious Photoshop skills, and a willing Piper? A loyal following! Keep doing what you love, it really shines through, and thanks for reading my blog!

  6. Thanks for the like on my vegan strawberry cheesecake. You just reminded me that I’m overdue making it (or some version of it) again. Piper is adorable! I used to do the same thing with a small stuffed animal named Jacque. I have photos of Jacque visiting Provence, The Trevi Fountain, Chamonix, etc.

    1. It looked tasty enough for me (even though it’s vegan!). And it sounds to me like you’ve got another blog to start!

  7. Great blog! (I don’t think I’ve ever said that.) (Not even about mine.) My only complaint is that I spent a whole afternoon reading it and now I have to come up with something for dinner on an empty stomach. But thanks for such an entertaining afternoon. And thanks for stopping by my blog also. I hope it didn’t bore you too much.

    1. Sounds like high praise then – which is much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed it, but I apologize that Piper Dog can’t provide sustenance- yet. And, I don’t know, but real reality can get pretty boring, so it could stand to reason dot dot dot

  8. A very great temptation to start a whole new blog for my cat, Isaac. Alas, I’m still trying to figure out my own. Thanks for this great site!

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