Pipermon, a trading card game


Give me your paper for this paper.



Tuesday Morning Piperback

Jim Harbaugh

Piper is ready to come off the Bench and dig the team out of this hole.

Notable stats:

Interceptions: 0

Fumbles: 0

Points given to the other team: 0

Sacked: 0 times

Enjoys an ice cold milk with a juicy steak


Pipresidents of the United States of America


Welcome! And thank you! We are the Pipresidents of the United States of America! Not to be confused with the Presidents of the United States of America!

On vocals, we’ve got Tddy Rose and Ronald Ragin’ Against the Machine! On electric guitar, Abraham Linkin and Thomas Jefferson Airplane!

On acoustic, James K. Folk! George Washingboard taking care of the washing board with Alexander Jamilton jammin’ out for us at DJ!

And drumming up a storm, I’m Neil Pipeart on a subdued drum kit. On this Thanksgiving week show, we just want to say thanks for coming out! And…

Are y’all ready to ROCK?!

HitchPiper’s Guide to the Galaxy


For all the brave explorers: As far as traversing the Milky Way, make sure you wait for a ship at a bus stop with frequent traffic.

A Real Night Mare


Hidey-ho, neighbor. No need to be frightened: this Night Mare on Elm Street just wants some candy.

CheaPiper Halloween Mask

For those price conscious fans*, don’t trust the Piper and Bench masks at the store. Simply print out whichever one you want to be and cut along the dotted lines. …

And add some type of string to attach it to your head.mask1


Curlew SandPiper Air


The SandPiper Air crew gets nervous when the new sheriff, Curlew SandPiper Air, flies into town with papers regarding trademarks and animal rights and even copyrights.*

Total Eclipse of the Bark


“Post Giamatti, you can move the moon now. I’m over this eclipse – and I’m thinking we can get Truman* in a huge frenzy if we have another one, like, tomorrow. Right everybody? That would just freak him right out!”


*We are all Truman. You. Me. Your sister. The people tirelessly producing this thing called life.