Tuesday Morning Piperback

Jim Harbaugh

Piper is ready to come off the Bench and dig the team out of this hole.

Notable stats:

Interceptions: 0

Fumbles: 0

Points given to the other team: 0

Sacked: 0 times

Enjoys an ice cold milk with a juicy steak



Piperty-Five to Piperty-One

CFP National Championship

Pike-per Williams and Bench Boulware get Pyped(TM) Up!(TM) and paint the town (of America) orange after doing their homework to bring the NCAA FBS CFP National Championship trophy (presented by [redacted until you pay me]) back* to Clemson after 35 years.

Piper Bowl


To gear up for the Super Bowl, Piper is found enjoying some of her favorite brands (which is totally not an attempt to win the next big commercial contract or score free tickets to the game!).