Trick’d or treat

Why, who is that under that William Shatner mask…GASP!MichaelShatner

But, wait! OMG it’s Michael Myers underneath that!


There couldn’t possibly be anymore tricks—


Oh, it’s Piper! I guess this is a Piper post after all…but is that really Piper under there?


What kind of Scooby Doo nonsense is this?! Is Old Man Jenkins underneath that!?

Oh, wait, no. This is the end of the post.

So, uh, have a Happy Halloween Remake (2018).






“She’s here.”

Halloween EmPiporium


Are you a Halloween villain or bad guy monster? Well, come on down to the Halloween EmPiporium and pick up what YOU need for the season.

We’ve got a vast selection of drills, chainsaws, machetes, weedeaters, and more. And this month only, make sure you utilize our buy 10 get 1 free deal – you never know when you’ll need a backup!

A Real Night Mare


Hidey-ho, neighbor. No need to be frightened: this Night Mare on Elm Street just wants some candy.

CheaPiper Halloween Mask

For those price conscious fans*, don’t trust the Piper and Bench masks at the store. Simply print out whichever one you want to be and cut along the dotted lines. …

And add some type of string to attach it to your head.mask1




VamPipre says, “You catch more flies with a steak for the heart instead of a stake…for the heart.”

Happy Palloween


Piper gathers some of her best friends for her annual Halloween-party-group-photo.jpg.

And since Matthew Lillard couldn’t make it this year, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”