Grand Ol’ Piper


“Winter is leaving” as the ray of sunshine* of Dogald Trump and Mike Benche melts the Obamanable Snowman back into the snowy background that is Chicago (or Hawaii? DC? Kenya? Canada? ???).

Now, before (e)we go getting too political, how about a little humor:


*actually the reflection of a ray of sun off Dogald’s glorious golden locks


Snowther’s Day 2: The Snowquel


Piper says never mind 100 posts, it’s the second day of snow in Denver in a row, so bundle up kids of moms and others!

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Piper: First Piperfall of the Winter



Piper plays in the snow with the first snowfall on Earth IV by making a snowalien with her friends (who just stepped out of frame).