Sheesh. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, I found an even lower-effort way to blog (“What?” you say incredulously, “Lower than bradypiper?”)

And yes! I respond enthusiastically. Why not take all my doodles over the years, and just present them to the world?!

Therefore, this is your introduction to Deck Yeah! dot wordpress dot com.

Take a look around. It won’t take long. (I only just posted today) (P.P.S. Don’t forget about my other non-project Modern Hulk either.)

Enjoy this Piper/Prussia crossover crest while you’re here:




Graffiti’d long ago, buried for a long time after in a random pharaoh’s tomb, recently discovered inside that one ancient pipyramid, and only deciphered even more recently, it seems the message they were trying to tell is so clear, so relevant.

Kiper Belt


In an effort to get ahead of the next big thing in store this year, Piper decides to dazzle and distract the aliens (because it’s definitely going to be aliens) by getting a big shiny freedom belt buckle for her star-debris-filled Kuiper Belt.

Piper King


Being the king of the jungle is one thing. Being the king of kings, however, has never gotten anyone in trouble.